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3 Best Places to live in Atlanta GA

For those familiar with the nightlife in Atlanta, settling down to raise a family can create a conundrum as they seek to have the best of both worlds. This need to keep children safe and as far away as possible from the unnecessary struggles of city life has led to the creation of some of the most amazing living estates or suburbs in Atlanta. Our top 3 picks are listed below:

  1. Alpharetta: The undeniable suburb king tops our list largely due to its strategic statistics. Newly constructed condos and stand-alone family homes represent the majority of homes available within this suburb. The average income per household sits at approximately $79,400 with a 6.2% unemployment rate. In addition, it brandishes an amazing network of walking trails at the Wills Park. This encourages family and friends to interact and relax comfortably while soaking in the beauty of this little community. Alpharetta has a myriad of amenities to support hangouts and socialization, some of them include Pastry & Café, the local North Point Mall and the Wills Park swimming pool. Education is at its best within this suburb as a healthy percentage of the schools have a 10/10 rating on
  1. Tuckers: If you are a foodie seeking to start a family within Atlanta GA, Tuckers should be your top pick. Littered with a host of impeccably garnished restaurants, you can be sure to have your fill always. Whether you prefer Cuban, French, or Caribbean Grill, Tuckers has a restaurant or two to satisfy your craving. In addition to the food, music is something tuckers has historically become good at. With a local pub and the Moonshadow Tavern, you can be sure to have a nice time out with your friends while enjoying good music. It also sports a man-made lake for those who enjoy fishing or boat-riding, this gives you a chance to hone that hobby. One major advantage tucker offers is its size of about 28,000 residents; not too small to feel lonely and not too much to get congested.
  1. Roswell: Home buyers seeking to mop up the artistic and historic energy Atlanta exudes in a family-friendly environment, Roswell is your pick. With over 6000 amenities present, a fair share of Roswell’s buildings are historic homes that date as far back as the mid-century. For the younger generation that fancy classier condos and houses, there is a high rate of new family homes and condo construction. Hiking is the perfect recreational sports Roswell supports as it brandishes the popular Chattahoochee River National Recreational Area. Its average household income is at par with Alpharetta, thereby making it a top contender for the best places to live in Atlanta GA. Its Famers’ market and Downtown Roswell provides sufficient culinary experiences and socialization avenues.

These top 3 picks represent the most family-friendly residential regions Atlanta GA has to offer those seeking to raise a family or escape city life.

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