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Top 3 companies to work in Atlanta GA

Although many consider working as an arduous chore, it is in reality meant to be the one way via which we can directly add value to our world and get paid to do so. Atlanta is home to some of the largest globally reputable brands such as SAP, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, Fox theatre etc.

Thousands of individuals and families have been attracted to Atlanta GA for the immense job and career spurring opportunity it promises. Whether they are recent graduates or industry veterans, Atlanta has a way of attracting and retaining the top talents. In this regard, we have listed the top 5 places to work in Atlanta below.

1. Terminus: This B2B marketing company offers leads the pack of best places to work in Atlanta GA because it sports some of the best company policies and enabling environment. On all popular metrics such as Pay, financial stability and racial diversity, the company scores an amazing A+. Their brand is built around a happy set of people offering amazing data-driven account-based marketing solutions to their B2B clientele. This approach creates a mix of happy customers and happy staff. Terminus is definitely the top marketing firm to work with in GA.

2. Home Depot: This retail behemoth has its headquarters in Atlanta GA, thus making its presence widely known. With its home improvement product and service range, home depot has emerged one of the best companies to work with in Atlanta GA. Based on various staff polls of the Fortune 500 company, it ranks highest on its performance, diversity and salary structure. It has an average employment duration of about 2.4 years, which is way above other retail Fortune 500 firms such as Walmart or Target. With a market capitalization above the $200 Bn mark, it becomes obvious that the firm is poised to remain in Atlanta for a while.

3. Delta Airline: Whenever you consider working within the aviation sector in Atlanta GA, Delta Airlines is the number one stop in terms of work quality. With its headquarters in the vicinity and an operation flow of almost 5,400 flights per day, Delta Airline is a major part of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance. Delta builds its brand around the vision of building a tightly integrated network of employees, community members and customers in achieving positive global change. This $38 Bn valued airline boasts an almost perfect diversity score and an average employment duration in excess of 5 years, which trumps most other airlines.

This list brings to the fore the fact that certain younger and smaller tech-firms are domiciled in Atlanta and outperforming the incumbent firms in providing optimum working experiences and conditions. Terminus and a host of other firms such as Mikart, Ally Commerce offer some of the best working experiences in the region. So, if interested in building a career here, feel free to reach out to both the behemoth firms and the smaller but innovative firms present in GA.

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