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Tree Care & Maintenance Services Atlanta

Trees are silent, but they so full of life. They often grow to sizes much larger than humans. They live on for years providing oxygen, fresh air, and flowers & fruits during the right season. But for it to be enjoyable for the next decade, it’s important to know how to maintain them. Worst case scenario when you don’t take care of them is you end up contracting Tree Removal Service Atlanta to help you with removing and replacing it with a new tree.

Watering and Fertilizing Your Tree

Water and fertilizer are two basic needs for trees to grow and flourish. They are vital to the health of your trees and should be used at the right amount. Too much water and you’ll risk causing the roots to rot. Too little water and your tree will start to shed its leaves to lessen the amount of water used.

Giving the right amount of fertilizer will also help the tree’s growth and encourage more foliage to grow out of the branches. Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) are also important in forming proteins and help the immune system fight against diseases.

Pruning Your Tree

Growing trees in an urban area mean that trees have to be maintained in such a way that it’s not of harm to anyone. Pruning will also keep the tree healthy as dead, damaged or infected parts of the trees can be eliminated to keep it healthy. A tree that is regularly pruned will also keep the neighborhood and your property looking beautiful.

It is worth noting that there are rules to pruning that one must know before proceeding to simply cut any branches that don’t look good. Wrong cuts can lead to lethal diseases on the tree and you’ll need Tree Removal Service Atlanta for that.

Pests and Diseases Treatment

From time to time, natural tree parasites may find their way to your tree. Pests can be persistent and cause damages to not just one plant but also plants around the infected trees.
It is important for you to notice the difference on your tree’s foliage and symptoms like drying and rusting of leaves, small dots on the leaves or bark, parts of leaves that turn yellow.

Removing and Replacing with a New Tree

Removing trees is usually the last resort to solving problems that affect it. It could also be part of transplanting the tree to a new home. Whatever it is, remember that tree removal requires an expert to help you assess the situation and the best way to do it. This is because the root of trees, especially old ones, runs deep and grabs very tightly to the ground.

Whether you want to permanently get rid of the tree for various viable reasons or to move it out to a new place, you must get professional Tree Removal Service Atlanta. Tree surgeons don’t just come and snap the tree out of the ground. They need to analyze the health of the tree, consult with you on when is the best time to do it, time allocated and possible risks to the tree for doing so.