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Tree Removal Service ​Atlanta

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When you have trees on your property, you may not realize it but you have added value. However, you should also know that in order to benefit from the trees on your property, you have to make sure you keep up their appearance. If your trees are diseased and look like they are going to pose a problem for future homeowners, they may be more of a burden than an asset.

This is why you should rely on the services of Tree Removal Service Atlanta to keep your trees looking their best or removing those that have become diseased.

About Us

We have been in business for more than 30 years and have professional arborists who have been with us for just as long. Our services are in demand due to our ability to effectively address the needs of our customers and our fair pricing. The certified arborists that we have on staff have received all the necessary training to correctly handle your tree needs no matter what challenge they may pose. We only rely on the most skilled arborists to care for the service needs of our customers in Atlanta, Georgia.

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    ​Making sure that our customers have the healthiest trees in Atlanta is our goal. Whether you need a tree removed or storm damage from a tree removed, we are the ones to handle the job for you. We are the preferred tree service company in Atlanta because we are able to successfully care for the trees of our customers regardless of the extent of the job, big or small. Let us take care of your trees and contribute to the overall appearance of your home. We’ll help you maintain your property value by maintaining your trees.

    Tree Removal

    Removing a tree is more than just using a chainsaw to remove it. It requires the use of the right tools and someone who knows the right tree cutting service. Our arborists have this type of experience and have safely removed hundreds of trees that were diseased or have simply become a burden to the homeowner. Cutting a tree incorrectly could result in tragedy. Avoid this and simply rely on the preferred tree removal company in Atlanta at Tree Removal. We discuss all of our tree removal cost upfront so there is no guessing about the final bill.

    Tree Trimming

    Tree trimming is serious business and should be handled by someone who has the proven skills required to safely and effectively handle the job. When you have trees that are obstructing your view or if the tree needs to be trimmed for aesthetic purposes, allow us the privilege of trimming your trees. Our experts take the necessary precautions to make sure that fallen limbs or branches harm no one during their service call. 

    Storm Damage

    Whenever there is a storm in Atlanta you can guess that with trees on the property it will leave quite a mess. Tree Service Atlanta is always ready and willing to come to your aid to cleanup the fallen tree limbs, debris, and branches. We have a group of strong and reliable contractors with years of industry experience. It doesn’t matter how big the job might be, our team is always up for a challenge.


    If you own a Atlanta business you should pay particular attention to the condition of the trees on your property, as fallen limbs and branches can easily fall on someone if the trees are not being properly cared for. Our specialists at Tree Removal Atlanta will be able to assess the condition of the trees on your property to determine their condition and make sure they are safe and sound. We would hate for a tree limb to fall on any of your customer’s and leave you responsible for their injuries. 

    Drone Inspection

    The latest technology in tree care is drone inspections. When you own a business, this is a great way for our arborists to detect whether you have any trees that look suspicious of potential problems. We are able to find tree defects with aerial photography. Any defects that are not apparently obvious from the ground level can usually be detected from up above. Drone inspections also minimize safety risks.

    Sandy Springs, Johns Creek & Roswell Tree Service

    Tree Removal Service Atlanta also offers tree care services in Sandy Springs, GA, Johns Creek, GA and Roswell, GA. All of our customers, no matter where they are located, will always receive the same level of care and attention. When you are seeking the services of tree service professionals in any of these areas, contact Tree Removal Service Atlanta.

    “When we contacted this service to remove the ugly and unsightly tree in front of our home, we had to idea that they would be able to do it so quickly. They were very professional and made us feel safe throughout the entire process.”
    – Barbara W.
    “We love that we have trees in our yard but we when a storm comes through, we have a lot to clean up. We contacted this tree service in Sandy Springs and they did such a great job of cleaning up after the storm, we’ve used them several times since then.
    – Kenny B.
    “It can be challenging to detect when a tree is diseased but these guys were able to tell us exactly what was wrong with our tree. This allowed us to make an informed decision to have it cut down. We highly recommend Tree Removal Service Atlanta.”
    – Sandy T.


    Give us the chance to show you what we can do to keep the trees on your property as healthy as possible by contacting us to regularly service them. If you have trees that require any other type of servicing, rest assured that any of our tree care professionals are well-qualified to care for your needs, big or small. Call us today.